Balanced budget is a modern progressive position

August 7, 2016 was Overshoot Day. That is the day when the world economy overshoots Earth’s ability to resupply and recycle wastes. Earth overshoot day occurs earlier each year. Greenhouse gasses, water pollution and specie extinction are among the more dangerous overshoots.*

The world economy requires 1.6 Earths. If every one on Earth lived like the US, the world economy would require 4.8 Earths — 5.4 Earths if we all lived like Australians. France and the UK operate at about a three Earth consumption level. Imagine if every working age person on Earth was busy 40 hours a week making updated iGizmos to keep their company sales growth on target.

Additionally, it is well known that the greatest life-style ecological damage is at the highest wealth; eliminate the lower income 85% of humanity and the change in ecological damage will not be sufficient to avert impending ecological collapse.

Eking out a living being an educated and active person in a loving family and culture that leaves Earth healthy and provides plenty of time for fun is a completely valid way to live. Such a life that considers the goal of education and Earth healing grace as the ultimate success can be the example citizen in a society and economy that reaches for star travel. Super wealthy individuals are not needed for humanity to become space travelers. Cosmic powered biology manifest as human travels the cosmos just as water runs down hill.

We are riding an accelerating cosmic expansion traveling very fast in a direction we do not know. We are cosmic powered biology manifest as human surfing big still banging at life speed. We became diverted and hurt our Earth for money. Humanity awakens. We are sorry now.

Salient modern thought explores methods of reducing economic intensity to less than one Earth. Why is the chosen descriptor salient? The proposal here is to heal Earth with human rights using real cultural tools available to humanity as a biological facet of big bang — Autonomous democracy and distributed intelligence.

Autonomous democracy is a tool to focus distributed intelligence.

Demand for a balanced budget is central to modern progressive thinking even if most progressives don’t realize it. This statement appears counterintuitive at first glance only because smoke and textual mirrors of Oz obscure reality. This brief manifesto lays out today’s practical and political reasons for budgetary balance rather than explain how and why the idea became so muddled in economic mumbo jumbo.

Do you remember when your middle school teacher explained to the class why the house of representatives has the shortest term? Two years. Remember? It is because the representatives are in charge of the budget. If your elected representative spends too much money and your taxes go up for something you don’t want, you vote that representative out. Pronto.

This simple idea was worked out in the US constitution 230 years ago ±. It stands as an uncanny intergenerational communication of a subject that encompasses modern basics of the information-age. On the largest scale, today, we measure gravity waves. And at the quantum level we study atomic and sub atomic events that are wave or particle depending on the observer. The idea of a balanced budget fits in here because our national founders have directly communicated reasonable and salient information to us across time at a moment of need in the information age.

Deficit government spending destroys democracy by avoiding discomfort to voting taxpayers. Elected representatives are thus able to spend freely on group-think purchases from crony capitalists. Voter retribution is side-stepped and grateful campaign contributors buy electoral victories that turn two years into a career for life. Democracy is destroyed in this way; government spends imaginary money on real and often secret things intelligent people wouldn’t pay for.

A balanced budget was accepted as a fact of life by the writers of the US constitution. The remedy for excess spending remains the ballot box. US founders knew there would be times when major improvements cost more than the annual taxes could afford. A ballot proposal to create a public bond to finance a large project is an exercise of democracy. Exercise of democracy as a continuous act that includes examination of bond proposals. That is a constitutional expectation of a balanced budget. Current budgetary practices by the house of representatives is contrary to this expectation and thus destroys democracy. Therefor, a new congress in two years is high priority.

The underlying purpose of these ideas as laid out is to help define those steps needed to eliminate corruption, reverse austerity, and establish that deficit spending to enhance growth with green jobs contains major intellectual problems that need to be thought out.

Yes. We need good trains and mass transit. What we don’t need is eternal war and a trillion dollar modernized nuclear weapons arsenal. Deficit federal spending destroys democracy by funding projects which taxpayers would object to when they paid the tax for it. Remember. That is why US founders placed primary budget responsibility with two-year representatives.

We also need small-scale organic food production to provide protein from legumes and cut back on red meat. How do we utilize this wide-spread knowledge? Autonomous democracy is a tool to focus distributed intelligence.

There is much talk of jobs for millions yet no discussion of corporate agriculture and its use of semi-slave migrant labor. Industrial agriculture uses trainloads of poison chemicals sprayed in California according to a calendar schedule hanging on a wall street wall. Distributed human intelligence knows that corporate agriculture is socially archaic and among the preeminent polluters. That it ranks as a polluter along with heating, cooling, manufacture, transport, and energy and supplies questionable products made questionable by a system designed for maximum profit.

How many tens of millions of unemployed would gravitate to small-scale ecological agriculture to raise a family if Earth preservation is too expensive for corporations? Tens of millions of formerly under employed over educated citizen scientists will turn to ecological agriculture. They will tend to have smaller families which result as an unintended benefit of education, just as their urban counterparts, many of whom will be helping with boosting quality of life for an aging population. A gentle population decline will put less stress on Earth and distributed human intelligence can design a sustainable new way that does not require endless capitalist expansion.

Intriguing topics that are not discussed by the national media monopolies are the very soul of complex ideas that distributed human intelligence brings to focus with gusto. Especially on the bio-net. For example, humanity knows the US military is number one polluter, followed by US national government. Autonomous democracy is more than binary. Many people have noticed all of life’s facets discussed thus far, plus an infinitude. Autonomous democracy is an ancient organic tool humans use to focus distributed human intelligence and then tell the government what to do.

Autonomous democracy has grown along with distributed human understanding from fire-lit caves to here and now, the information age. Science and the dawning of Aquarius illuminate autonomous democracy as part of being human.

A military empire that attempts to direct the human biological aspect of big still banging is doomed to everlasting hubris on a treadmill. Followed by bankruptcy.


About Garrett Connelly

Applied Econ; $12/sq ft shelter, flycatcher compost toilet, rainwater collection & storage. Political Econ; Constituent assembly constitutes state — Seven facet state structure.
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