Nonpartisan Independent Green Socialist plan to force Stalemate

Optimism is created by young Ds joining the Green Party push for a green new deal.

Imagine millions of sensitive and intelligent young brains focused on creating a real world economy that actually strengthens the nation.

There are tens of millions of young nonpartisan independent green socialists in the US. Imagine them united in citizen science calculating the true cost of everything sold in the United States and posting it on line, gratis, free for all. Government is not needed for this most important task.

Evolution is accelerating at an accelerating rate. Stephen Hawking is the most recent of many who have explained this, in his last book. Many philosophers and mathematicians have explained this. Each conversation leads to at least two brains with an uncountable number of possible new ideas. And this goes on all day every day.

We are evolving past representatives in the information age. There is no individual who can represent trillions of nerve synapse combinations communicating in each brain when those unmeasurable connections of thought in each individual have decided to assist their interpersonal connections into concert with computer and telecommunication networks.

Is cosmic powered biology purposefully communicating with itself assisted by transistors artificial intelligence?

Information Age physics presents evolution accelerating at an accelerating rate. The idea of any individual or corporation representing that is nonsense now. Humanity is a mature species, a self knowing part of cosmic powered biology.

The following is an agenda suggestion I recently wrote to my local greens. Do you see logic to a stalemate as victory in this US 2020 election cycle?

1) Plan to enlist half of voting age citizens who boycott voting. For those who believe non voters are lazy, loutish or stupid, consider reading Gilens and Page analysis archived here

2) Elections cost roughly 40¢ per person and thus a hung election is both affordable and similar to winning a stalemate for the player who is behind in chess. Greens know that Ds & Rs are partners in a corporation called “Presidential Election Debates.” Therefore; Stalemate is a valid goal on a path to ultimate victory.

3) Rough voter breakdown (for example only)

50% ± Boycott elections
25% ± register as independents
11% ± Ds
10% ± Rs
4% others (greens, socialists libertarians etc)

6) Human society is somewhere between a pack and a herd. Those who boycott tend to be the most skittish and alert (please consider the existence of an example representative democracy that is not rushing to specie suicide and financing it with austerity).

The largest groups greens have a chance with are boycotters. Add independents with boycotters for the most numerous pool of voters by far. Some of the boycotters tend toward the right yet many are open to consider themselves as independent green socialists.

Although it is true that greens are tangentially focused on Instant Runoff Voting, analysis of this path precludes considering outright sweeping victory needed during these emergency times of environmental collapse and unending war. Supporting a plan that ensures a victory for one candidate or idea through instant runoff voting is exactly contrary to a Green Party victory. Assuming there is agreement that one cannot name a representative democracy that is not attempting to grow its economy faster and faster all the way to species extinction, a policy goal that ensures an election victory is totally wrong headed.

The 50% who boycott elections might listen to the possibility of registering as nonpartisan independent green socialists. If this begins to unfold in a grand manner of tens of millions of people, the formal Green Party will have opportunity for fundraising on a scale it has not yet experienced. Of course some method will need to be derived so that nonpartisan independent green socialists feel included in how their donations are spent. Some may even decide to join the formal structure. Notice that derivation of this method will be actual evolution toward what comes after representative democracy that mostly represents capital.

Monkey Wrench is the key idea here; tens of millions who are encouraged to register as nonpartisan independent green socialists will instantly grasp the idea of voting green if there is such a person or idea on their ballot, maybe they will even vote for Ds that are virtual greens. Stalemate can be won, and it is a victory. Independent green socialists write in none of the above or leave blanks if there are no greens or virtual greens for a given candidate slot or proposal. This is called official blank in some countries.

4) Do greens plod along building a party to compete with D&R inc.? Or, Do greens recognize now that if they succeed with stalemate there will be a new form of democracy born?

Garrett Connelly

PS > info for those needing shelter, sanitation and water, initial web pages at and general interest

PSS > Please inform computer talent who would like to work and finish this game-like poll and decision tool, others have seen it and done it for themselves and these listed sites need a completed version that can grow and

About Garrett Connelly

Applied Econ; $12/sq ft shelter, flycatcher compost toilet, rainwater collection & storage. Political Econ; Constituent assembly constitutes state — Seven facet state structure.
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